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Business names are the names under which businesses operate. The applicable law for business names is the artnerships and Business Names Law (Cap.116). A single person, legal or natural, can apply for registration of a business name. Unlike trademarks, business names do not provide any proprietary rights for their use.

The registration of a business name is a simple procedure. Firstly, a name application under which the business name will operate must be submitted to the Cyprus Registrar of Companies. Once the name is approved by the Cyprus Registrar an application (Form B.N. 1) must be duly completed and submitted to the Cyprus Registrar of Companies. Once the said application is approved the Cyprus Registrar of Companies will issue the Certificate of Incorporation of the business name.

The information needed for registering the business name is mentioned below:-

  • The proposed name of the business name;
  • The activities of the business name;
  • Details of the owner of the business name (in case of a natural person: name, surname, date of birth, identity card number, passport number and residential address – in case of a legal entity: name, date of incorporation, registration number and registered office address; and
  • Address of the business name.

No renewal and/or annual fees apply for business names.

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